The Comic Breakthrough

20 mins of reading a day is what is stipulated by the specialists and school.

Truth be told, after an hour and a half on the school bus, completing maths and spelling homework, the last thing she (or I for that matter) want to do is sit down and read painfully for 20 minutes.

Why I’d never thought of it, I’m not sure, but comics are a great light reading that still delivers on this requirement.

Growing up some 35 years ago I remembered reading comics ( Archie, Betty & Veronica anyone?), collecting all the annuals and then trading them with friends.This does not seem to be quite the craze it was with our modern kids thanks I guess to iPads, YouTube and social media.

On an recent flight, I grabbed a Beano comic at WHSmith along with a few fashion mags for me. I was so impressed and delighted when, unprompted, Jasmime opened up the comic to read and remained transfixed for 30 mins solid!

I think I may have just found the solution to our tired evenings when reading is a chore.

I’m off to research what the modern day Archie comic equivalents are so I can stock up in readiness.

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