My “go to” item

I’ve found having a “go to” item, created by Jasmine to be very therapeutic.

When I am having a low period when nothing seems to be improving or we suffer some sort of set-back on our dyslexia journey, I “go to” a little poem that Jasmine wrote at the end of year 2.

I attach 2 photos of the text. Its called “Love is”

IMG_2902 IMG_2901

The words are not well aligned or particularly well formed and the spelling is all over the place, but I just LOVE what she has written – the thoughts and the sentiment blow me away every time. Masked as it is with the imperfections that come with dyslexia and dyspraxia, what I still can see clearly is her thoughtfulness, her sense of appreciation and a way with words that is just lovely.

Reading my “go to” poem cheers me up no end and is just what I need when I am feeling a tiny bit low. Its pretty well thumbed now so my next task is to get it framed until I can replace it with the next “go to” item.

I look forward to whatever treat Jasmine has in store for me.

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