Think Different

I love this amazing advertising campaign that Apple launched in 1997.

Steve Jobs was famously very dyslexic as is Johnny Ive, the legendary designer of the Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone.

I think its amazing that such creative and inventive individuals were dyslexic and still managed to contribute so wonderfully to technology and indeed shaping the world of consumer electronics. Very inspirational for children struggling with the challenges that comes with learning differences such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

I love this “Think Different” campaign as the message is all about celebrating people who think different. A wonderful message for our little ones.


2 thoughts on “Think Different

  1. You would be amazed if you knew how many of the most incredible start-ups were founded by dyslexics and how many of the best scientists I know are dyslexic. Maybe if the world doesn’t fit your way of learning, you’re more inclined to reshape it… That can’t be a bad thing!

    1. Thank you – absolutely agree. Im putting together a little child friendly presentation on famous dyslexics from many walks of life for my daughter (Richard Branson, Tom Cruise, Jamie Oliver, Einstein etc etc). I will share when completed

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